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About Us.

2020 came… Scottish Summit 2020, a very successful event, took place on the 29th of February. We all made new connections, found new friends and had very good time. Little did we know – it was last in-person event of the year…
And from under the shadow of global pandemic and worldwide lockdown on the 26th of March The Bespoke Badger appeared – a place of ‘tomfoolery, craziness and delicious beer’, all self-catered Virtual Pub.

So, what is the Bespoke Badger you ask?

What do we mean with tomfoolery, craziness and delicious beer? Whats behind this? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Listen up:

What started as a post event therapy group to see and connect to people who share the same interests. Talking about tech, nerding out to Microsoft 365, Dynamics, workflows, servers and building stuff. But pretty soon this little community grew and it became global.

Every Thursday night people from around the world gather to talk not only about tech, but all kind of stuff. This community is about people. This community is about caring.

Especially in times of Covid-19 many people realize how tough it can be to have little human interaction. We all suffer from insecurities, anxiety and doubts. Therefore are caring community is more important than ever before and that’s what the Bespoke Badger is all about.

It’s not about showing how much you know or how good you are with certain tools.

It’s about caring for each other, whether times are tough, whether they’re good

It’s about lifting each other up!

It’s about helping others to become the best version of themselves!

It’s about encouragement!

It’s more than a community. This is family!

You may have come for the nerdy tech stuff, cool apps and awesome Microsoft gear, but you will stay for the heartwarming, encouraging people. These people welcome you with open arms, cheer you up, help you out and take so much care.